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We welcome you on the coming Sunday for another nice satsanga. Following are the details –

Topic : Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s legacy
Speaker: His Grace Vrindaranya Priya Prabhu

13:30 Bhajan.
14:00 Class
15:00 Kirtan
15:30 Prasadam meal

Your servants @,
Brussels Bhakti Yoga Center
Oudergemlaan 197

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Hare Krishna dear devotees!!

We hope you are doing well.

With this letter we are happy to invite you for our coming Sunday feast!

13:30 Bhajan.

14:00 class by Dina Dayal prabhu. Topic: Who is responsible?! part 2.

15:00 Kirtan

15:30 Prasadam

Your servants @ CBY.

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Hare Krishna dear devotees!

We hope you are wel and happy in Krishna consciousness!!

With this letter we like to invite you to our upcoming sundayfeast.

13:30 Bhajan
14:00 class by Raktambar prabhu.
subject: ‘How modern science strengthens our faith in Krishna’
15:00 bhajan/kirtan
15:30 prasadam

Your servants at CBY

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we are very pleased to inform you that Yoga Classes are being scheduled at Bhakti Centre, Etterbeek every Thursday from 6:45 PM to 7:30 PM.

Perfect way to relax after work and take another stride towards good health.

The class will be suitable for beginners so don’t hesitate if you have doubts like : “I’m not flexible , I can’t do yoga “. We will help you achieve your fitness goals slowly and patiently !

Every class is a donation based class, minimum donation is 5 Euros/per person.All donations will go to sustaining the activities of your beloved temple example: the delicious Sunday Feast! More fun activities are coming up!

*******Note: If you want to extend service to the temple by offering to teach yoga, please contact: Abhishek (+32 465 98 33 11) or Mansee (+32 465 73 91 80).

If you have personal questions related to joining Yoga Class, contact Abhishek (+32 465 98 33 11) or Mansee (+32 465 73 91 80) on Whatsapp.

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Hare Krishna dear devotees!

We hope you are doing well by Lord Krishna’s grace.

With this letter we want to invite you to our upcoming sunday program. 

We want to dive deeper into the beautiful songs that praise Lord Krishna and his associates.

13:30 bhajans

15:30 prasadam

Your Servants At Bhakti Centre, Etterbeek!

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Hare Krishna dear all!

We hope you have a fantastic week and feel spiritually blissful!
With this letter we invite you to our coming sunday program.

13:30 Bhajan
14:00 class: Lord Narasimha in our daily life, by Vrindaranya priya dasa.
15:00 bhajan
15:30 prasadam

we hope we may welcome you.

Your servants at CBY.

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