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Urmila dd. 20


We happily want to announce that this Sunday (April 27) HG Srimati Urmila dd is giving Sunday class in Brussels’s bhakti yoga center. She is a disciple of HDG Srila Prabhupada. Don’t miss a chance to hear a wonderful class and come on time! The topic will be “Our longing for reciprocation”.

13.30 bhajans
14.00 Class by HG Srimati Urmila dd
15.00 Arati
15.30 Vegetarian dinner together


Urmila devi dasi’s service in ISKCON has included work as a book distributor, assistant secretary for the BBT, pujari, temple cook, actress, writer and editor. Her primary work has been in the area of education. She has spent a total of five years running and teaching in a pre-school, mostly under the guidance of Jyotirmayi devi dasi. In 1982-83 in Detroit, Michigan, she and her husband started a primary school which gradually grew to include secondary students. Her Grace became one of the academic and sadhanna teachers. She soon became the principal of the school that they ran for eight years. The family moved to North Carolina in late 1990. Her Grace then started another primary and secondary school, where she worked as the principal and main teacher. In 1984 she worked on a history textbook with Drista dasa, and soon afterwards finished writing and compiling Vaikuntha Children, a guidebook for education in ISKCON. Urmila devi dasi helped start the Grhastha Vision Team which is coordinating courses and materials to strengthen marriage and the family in ISKCON North America. She is also a member of the Sastric Advisory Council to the GBC. For 10 years she was a member of ISKCON’s international board of education, and for 7 years was vice-chairman of the North American board. Urmila devi dasi continues to develop and teach local, national and international seminars for trainers, educators, and managers which she has done for over two decades. She has developed and taught numerous courses for primary, secondary, college, and adult learners in a wide variety of spiritual and practical subjects. She is also a feature writer and associate editor for Back to Godhead magazine. She is currently writing and coordinating the development of a Krishna conscious academic curriculum.

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